Trump Unleashes Billion Dollar Tool to Hunt Down the Aliens

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All we  listen to from the Propaganda Ministry is the constant back & forth regarding the made up Russian Ruse. It’s been going on for months now. It is absurd, fake, and utterly embarrassing… for them. It almost makes one feel bad that these people are making such fools of themselves… almost. They’re deranged liberals. They can’t help themselves with anything short of a lobotomy.

Well despite the nonsense from the children in the fake news complex, Trump is moving forward with his agenda to “Make America Great Again. This week he announced the NASA Re-authorization Executive Action. This will allow the James Web Space Telescope to launch next year. It’s said to be NASA’s premier observatory of the next decade, serving thousands of astronomers worldwide. 
Wow! That’s exciting stuff. God only knows what that thing will find out there. Although it’s not likely it will be Hillary’s emails.
Anyone getting tired of winning yet? 
Check out President Trump’s weekly address where he made the announcement in the video below.



Tell us what you think about the new telescope in the comments below.


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  • Snellville Bob

    President Trump and the Russians is the perfect Democratic ruse
    1. It dulls our senses so when Bill and Hillary are finally tried for that uranium deal we will be sick and tired of Russians.
    2. It blocks President Trump from meeting with Putin or any Russian for that matter.
    3. It leads everyone on another wild goose chase instead of focusing one the crooked obama administration.
    4. It provided an excuse to tap President trump’s election workers to search for anything else they could use on them.
    5. It gives them an instant topic to change to when they are asked an embarrassing question.