Trump Reviews Long List Of Early Accomplishments

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President Trump Meets with House and Senate Leadership

President Trump has only been in office for 4 1/2 months. When you hear what he has already gotten done with little or no help from the “bought & paid for” toolboxes in Congress it seems hard to  believe. 

The mainstream Propaganda Ministry barely reports anything that President Trump has gotten done. Primarily because in the minds of the communist low life’s in the media the definition of “accomplishment” means stomping on the little people, destroying freedom, mocking God, and regulating businesses out of existence.

It will be interesting to see if Congress repeals Obamacare & passes Tax Reform Legislation. It’s obvious, that up to this point, they have been sitting on their hands waiting to see if the Propaganda Ministry (the spokespersons for the Democrat Party) can make the fake “Russian Ruse” story stick so they can run Trump out of office & set off Civil War part II.

Apparently the squishy establishment Republican’s are unaware that the American people know they don’t really want to repeal Obamacare. The RINO’s also seem unaware that the American people know they are undermining President Trump. More importantly Establishment Republican’s are unaware that people elected Donald Trump because they are sick & tired of the two party duopoly. Finally, and most importantly, the back stabbing “Republican In Name Only” class is oblivious to the fact that “We The People” are going to FIRE hundreds of them [and their sleazy Democrat pal’s] in November 2018. We will send President Trump reinforcements in the form of Patriot’s that will help Make America Great Again. It’s coming RINO’s & commies… 

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Post source : White House

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