Trump Body Slams CNN In Sunday Morning Smackdown

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The CNN Smack down’s Continue – Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Bunch

In the last week…

CNN has been caught spreading fake news about  Anthony Scaramucci “meeting”with the director of a Russian government-owned investment fund. It was NOT a scheduled meeting. A guy walked over and shook Scaramucci’s hand while he was at lunch one day. Some reporter snapped a picture of that and CNN called it a meeting. CNN then turned that into a fake story claiming Scaramucci was under investigation by the Treasury Department for the secret Russian investor meeting. It was a total pile of bunk. It’s rumored that CNN was threatened with $100 million libel suit, but Scaramucci played that down in an interview on FOX & Friends. Either way, Tom Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris, who headed the CNN Investigates unit, were all FIRED for the hoax. The story was retracted. 

Project Veritas has released three videos in the last week of undercover reporters talking to CNN producers & contributors making “Big League” embarrassing remarks.

First they released a video of veteran CNN producer John Bonifield admitting the whole “Russian Collusion” story was total BS and they were just running it for ratings.

Next Project Veritas releases an undercover video of contributor Van Jones saying the Russia story was a “nothing burger”.

Then Project Veritas’ leader James O’keefe showed up at CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s house in NY City to ask him for comment on the Russia story. Zucker hid in the building for an hour before running out and diving into an SUV like he was being chased by a bee.

Finally, O’keefe released another undercover video of CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr blaspheming the entire country including the President. The highlights of his remarks were:

Speaking about President Trump Carr said: “We all recognize he’s a clown, that he’s hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this, and he does not have America’s best interest: we recognize he’s just F***ing crazy”. 

After a lengthy & nonsensical rant with his opinions (no facts to back any of it) about what Trump thinks, Carr then informed us that basically the entire network hates Trump, saying “90% of us are on board with just the fact that he’s crazy”

Then Carr decided to insult the whole country.When asked if it was fair to question the intellect of the American voter he said: “Oh, no they’re stupid as sh*t”.

Thank Heavens some punk ass kid at CNN has things all figured out. Surely we’ll need him & his infinite wisdom to lead us when President Trump’s terms end. 

This of course comes on the heals of Kathy Griffin getting fired from her annual New Years Eve gig a few weeks ago for a ridiculous photo shoot depicting her holding Trump’s severed head. That was just dumb.

Let’s not forget Reza Aslan, the CNN “Believer” series host that was canned  after he called Trump a “piece of sh*t” on Twitter.

CNN also embarrassed themselves with the made up ruse about what FBI Director Comey would say in his testimony to Congress. They were dead wrong and had to own it.

If that isn’t enough – they recently got caught staging a fake muslim led anti-terror protest after the London terror attacks. It’s not the first time they’ve been caught staging made up nonsense. 

And they wonder why they get called Fake News…

Sunday morning President Trump decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. The Donald offered up a Twitter smackdown to put a cherry on top of all the glorious success CNN has had this week. LOL!! 


Then Trump suggested re-branding CNN in light of this weeks revelations. 



CNN wasted no time before crying about it. Never mind the fact that they have been trying to wind up every half wit psycho in the country in hopes someone will harm Trump or his family. Wolf Blitzer even gave the baseball shooter a pass after someone who knew the guy said “he wasn’t evil he was just tired, I guess, of some of the politics that are going on”. Blitzer just reiterated the quote and shrugged it off. Then there’s the NY City play where they killed Trump every night for a couple of weeks. Nothing to see here. But God forbid anyone bust CNN’s chops with an old wrestling video, that’s grounds for an academy award winning drama fest.

Perhaps they’d prefer to be brought up on charges of treason & sedition rather than getting a few snarky Tweet’s??



Sounds like CNN is worried that folks will start leaping out of the bushes and body slamming their reporters. Not likely, that would mean someone has to touch one of those turds. YUK!


Trump left one final hand print on the back of CNN’s neck. Hilarious! 


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