Trump Absolutely Humiliates CBS Pansy Propagandist

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In an interview with CBS News’’ John Dickerson, President Trump had enough of his constant badgering over the now famous :”wiretapping” Tweet’s. He kept pressing him over the “sick” & “bad” remarks in the Tweet’s. Of course Dickerson is ignoring the real subject matter at hand.. that Obama DID have Trump wiretapped as we have reported here on the Freedom Frontier previously.

He doesn’t want to address the subject from the standpoint of finding out what is going on with the wiretapping investigation. He is just trying to manipulate and bully President Trump into back peddling or apologizing for the remarks. 

It’s clear that the leftist CBS pansy forgot who he was dealing with. President Trump tried to politely move on saying, “you can figure it out yourself” and “you can take it the way you want”. Dickerson didn’t get the hint. He kept pushing for him to recant those remarks without addressing the actual subject at hand – illegal surveillance by “sick” jackass Obama.
Trump dropped him like a featherweight with the waive of his hand. He said “that’s enough” and left him right where he was standing. HA!! Trump shined him on like aluminum siding salesman. Too funny!
And they wonder why he hates the lying Propaganda Ministry. They’re such toolboxes. 
See the hilarious video below


Should President Trump treat more reporters like this when they are obnoxiously ignoring the story to virtue signal over PC nonsense? Is this another example of why we need  to ignore the mainstream propaganda ministry? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.




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