Top 5 Reasons Why Comey Deserved It

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The T.V. set is our screaming & howling about the ridiculous “Russian Ruse” being covered up by the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Of course they completely ignore the fact that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has already said repeatedly (including under oath in front of Congress last week) that there is not one shred of evidence that Donald Trump or anyone in his campaign “colluded” with the Russians. The fact that this investigation has gone on for nearly a year is an absolute joke. It should have been put to rest months ago. Comey had continued to let it go on to keep the narrative alive. It’s absurd.

The other narrative being bandied about is that Comey bungled “Servergate” – the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. Well, that’s true, he did screw it up. That investigation also exposed classified emails were found on a laptop computer belonging to Huma Abedin & Anthony Wiener. That investigation also exposed that Wiener was involved in a bunch of filth on the internet. Comey let Clinton & Abedin skate on the charges of mishandling classified material under the ruse they he couldn’t find any “intent” to commit  any criminal activity. Never mind that the statute regarding mishandling classified material affords no allowance for “intent”. She violated at least three laws –  Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code make it unlawful to send of store classified information on personal email. As well as Section 1236.22 of the 2009 National Archives and Records Administration.
Those two narratives, the “Russian Ruse” & “Severgate”, are all they are talking about out there in the Propaganda Ministry. If you want to listen to them beat that dead horse – you’re welcome to do that. If you want to know why they’re beating those poor old horses read below. It’s because they don’t want anyone talking about these 5 stories. That includes popular cable networks that you may be delusional enough to think are your friends. They aren’t. All the news networks are LIARS! 

Five Reasons Comey Had To Be Fired & Should be Investigated Himself

5. The Clinton Foundation – This organization is an absolute rats nest. It is nothing more than a criminal enterprise operating as a slush fund for Hillary & Bill. The entire Clinton machine, including Chelsea & Abedin will come crashing down if this is investigated. Peter Schweizer released “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” in a 2015 New York Times bestselling book (movie below). 
The Book has been out since 2015. James Comey either didn’t investigate this criminal organization, or he covered it up. Either way Clinton is not only out walking  the streets, but she was allowed  to run for President in 2016. That screwed up the election because she rigged & stole the primary from ole Bernie – another idiot socialist. 

4. Election & Voter Fraud – It says on the FBI website: Public corruption is the FBI’s top priority among criminal investigations; federal election crimes fall within that category”. 
Great. So when do the investigations start? Our elections are the most sacred thing the American people have. There have been hundreds of reports about election & voter fraud over the last decade. Especially in the Obama era. An article called “The Big List Of Vote Fraud Reports” was published in November of 2012. This was just after Obama won reelection amidst all of those reports, and without winning a single state that has voter I.D. laws.
Comey became FBI Director in September of 2013. Since then nothing has changed. There have been numerous reports of voter fraud & election fraud all over the country. Election fraud was so brazen in 2016 that there were actually reports of someone at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) trying to hack the electronic voting in the States of Idaho, Georgia, & Indiana. That’s a true story and there are Official State Investigations. If that’s not bad enough. If Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac while Hillary was under an FBI investigation in the 2016 presidential campaign, wasn’t bad enough. Hillary actually had her own little not-so-secret closed door summit with Broward County Florida Election Director Brenda Snipes back in the end of October just before the election. WTF was that all about? Have you heard about any FBI investigations into any of this under Comey? Neither have we. 
3. HSBC Money Laundering – Have you heard about this? HSBC was caught in a massive money laundering scheme back in 2012. They were apparently laundering money for drug lords & other shady groups. Eventually HSBC received a slap on the wrist fine for their sordid dealings. But that was about it. 
Guess where James Comey worked until just before becoming the FBI Director? That’s right… He served on the Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings until July 2013. He was there during the whole sleazy situation that amounted to nothing but a big cover up. HSBC got away with it & nobody went to jail to the best of our knowledge. Guess what else? The Clinton Foundation received up to $81 Million from HSBC Bank clients.. Isn’t that just a fun little co-inky-dink. He was there from March – July 2013. He was sent in as a fixer because he’s connected to the Clinton Foundation and she is connected to HSBC. Then he was awarded Director of the FBI to help keep everything quiet.On top of that, his brother Peter Comey, works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. Getting the picture on Comey yet? 
2. Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery – There was a court case filed against Maricopa County AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio claiming he discriminated against illegal aliens. The case has been nothing short of a travesty of justice. It was most likely brought against Sheriff Joe in retaliation for the number one reason (below) he deserved to be fired & potentially charged with crimes. 
From “The judge, whose own involvement in the case was highlighted earlier when documents revealed that his wife had told a witness that the judge was set on removing Arpaio from office, Also raised at that time was the comment reportedly made by the judge’s wife, “as confirmed by neutral persons,” that Snow was out to “destroy” Arpaio so that he could not be re-elected in 2016. The rancor got so bad that at one point Montgomery cited the ACLU in a legal complaint.

“This case represents a multifaceted and growing conflict of interest not only by the ACLU and its attorneys but as important the equally unethical conduct by the court which must cease immediately,” a motion said at the time.

It was then that at least two motions to remove Snow from the case were made, along with several other procedural motions. They were denied at the district court level, but were appealed by Klayman to the 9th Circuit.

A hearing is set in September before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on whether Snow needs to be removed from the case”.

 The long and short of this story  – Dennis Montgomery was a high level NSA contractor that had hard drives filled with evidence that Sheriff Joe, thousands of citizens of his County,, Supreme Court Judges,156 other Judges, and businessmen including Donald Trump. His Attorney, Larry Klayman, of managed to get Montgomery whistleblower status and turned over to the FBI 47 hard drives with over 600 million pages of information with regard to illegal surveillance. Comey has done nothing with the information in over two years. Nothing. Zilch.
FBI Director Comey Engaged In Possible Cover up Of Intelligence Agency Surveillance And Leaks


Klayman Agrees With Trump: Mass NSA/CIA Surveillance of Americans Needs to Be Legally Snuffed Out

1. The Cold Case Posse Investigation – Sheriff Joe Arpaio was approached by citizens back in late 2011 about the birth certificate that Obama released in April of that year being suspected of being a fraudulent document. He didn’t believe that it was, but he agreed to look into it. He assigned the case to his Cold Case Posse team so the investigation wouldn’t burden taxpayers. Lead investigator Mike Zullo went to work to “clear the President” as Sheriff Joe asked him to do. Unfortunately, they couldn’t clear the President because the birth certificate & selective service card that Obama had placed on the White House website turned out to be low quality forgeries. Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo held two press conferences to announce the findings.

The first press conference was March 1st 2012. The second press conference was July 17th 2012. The media including FOX News ignored the investigation and mocked everyone that was telling the truth about the situation. Since then many citizens have tried to alert congress. Others even brought what is called a Sheriff’s Kit, which is a DVD with all of the findings of the investigation to Congress & law enforcement to demand action. One guy even brought the DVD to the FBI.  

The folks at had Sheriff’s Kit DVD’s mailed to all 3,300 Sheriff’s in the country, as well as every State Attorney General. This was months after hand delivering Sheriff’s Kit’s to almost every single member of Congress.
In all cases its was completely ignored & covered up by people who took a sworn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic. 
Comey has been the FBI Director since September of 2013. The Cold Case Posse Investigation findings have been out since March 2012. At no point in time did he do the stated duty of the FBI – Public corruption is the FBI’s top priority among criminal investigations”. Not when Comey was in charge.
The videos below are icing on the cake. Obama was a fraud. Comey & the media were his enablers. They all belong in jail. End of story.
Obama’s Place Of Birth And True Identity Remain A Question For History Books


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery Press Conference 12/15/16


Is this level of corruption acceptable to you? Should the media pay consequences for this hoax? Did Comey deserve to get fired? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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