The Thermonuclear Healthcare Solution

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Since last Friday afternoon when President Trump & Speaker Paul Ryan were left with no other option than to pull the American Healthcare Act bill before a vote was taken, due to the fact that there were not going to be enough votes to pass it, it’s been nothing but finger pointing. Saturday morning Donald Trump sent out a tweet reminding folks to tune in to Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine Show later that night. In her opening remarks Judge Jeanine openly called for Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House due to his gross incompetence in managing the legislative process & vote count leading up to the bill’s ultimate demise on Friday.  By Sunday morning Chris Wallace was asking Reince Priebus if there was collusion between President Trump & the Judge as it is well known they are good friends. Priebuis denied that assertion chalking up to Trump just wanting to help his friend out by sending some viewers her way. On Sunday night Judge Jeanine said her opening remarks were strictly her own opinion & she did not discuss it with the President. 

Sunday morning, a clearly frustrated President Trump, sent out a tweet that pointed fingers directly at the Freedom caucus. It said Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!” 
The fallout continued, by Sunday afternoon House Freedom Caucus member Ted Poe (R) TX succumbed to the pressure, most likely from that tweet, and quit the Freedom Caucus. A measure that seems somewhat extreme considering the fact that this bill would never have passed the Senate even if they had somehow rammed it through the House. Nevertheless, politics is politics, so the weak & feckless always scurry for the exits at the first sign of adversity. Expect more of this before all is said & done. If there is one thing that is consistent about the Republican Party, it’s that they are the biggest bunch of chicken sh** cowards in captivity. Sad but true. 
Thankfully Congressman Jim Jordan and [now] 34 other members of the Freedom Caucus seem to be breaking the ‘chicken sh**” mold. They’re holding their ground even in the face of the most terrifying, high tech, space aged weapon, known to mankind – a tweet from Donald Trump. A threat so grave that mighty gladiators from the NFL actually make QB recruitment decisions based on avoiding any possibility of any incoming thermonuclear little blue birdies. LOL! That’s why we love Trump. But Paul Ryan’s piece of garbage known as AHA that was kept hidden in the basement under lock & key, in true ‘Obama TPP style’, before being rolled out & raced to vote… not so much. 
Senator Rand Paul actually said it “was being presented as if it were a National Secret, as if it were a plot to invade another country”. Only 17% of the American people supported this bill and for good reason. It was terrible. It was not what the Republican’s promised voters. It was not a repeal of Obamacare. It was more of the same government controlled nonsense, and promised bailouts for Insurance companies that we specifically sent them there to stop. Plus, rates were still going to skyrocket. So what was the point of passing it?

Major Issues In the States


Obamacare has many, many problems in the states. Trump is right, it will implode. Rates are going through the roof. Insurance companies are pulling out of the exchanges and deductibles are so high that most folks can’t even use the insurance in the first place. Total Failure. 
Consider these facts from the National Conference of State Legislatures.
On June 25, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6-3 to uphold health insurance subsidies for people who purchased their insurance through a federal health insurance exchange. The ruling in King v. Burwell means that 6 million to 7 million people will continue to receive insurance subsidies
In June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld most provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but rejected the portion of the law that would have penalized states that did not comply with the expanded eligibility requirements for Medicaid, making expansion optional and a state decision.
2016 cases: Additional cases continue in2016-17, especially on paying insurers for the cost-sharing assistance

NCSL will continue to update and analyze the law and its effects on states. [More, with text of cases | 2016-17]

Overview: Measures Enacted and Passed by StatesBetween 2010 and 2016, at least 22 state legislatures had enacted laws and measures related to challenging or opting out of broad health reforms related to mandatory provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This table does not include federally authorized state options for or against exchanges and Medicaid expansion, non-binding resolutions or memorials urging actions by federal or state government, nor measures still pending at the state level.

Missouri : 2010 law provides that it is against Missouri public policy to implement or operate a health insurance exchange in Missouri.

2015-16 Sessions: A much smaller number of bills were considered – Earlier opposition enacted laws were expanded or amended in Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee. See NCSL’s Innovations database for listings.

2014 Sessions: As of Dec. 30 at least 181 bills and resolutions in 38 states include opposition to, or proposed legislative alternatives to substantive provisions in the ACA. For 2014,15 such bills have been signed into law, in ten states.  

2013 Sessions: As of December 2013, there were 81 bills in 32 states, territories or D.C. that relate to challenges, opposition or alternatives to health reform.

NCSL 2013 Summary Report: States Opting-Out or Opposing Certain Provisions of the ACA.

Summaries by state are contained in the NCSL Health Reform Legislation Database – 2011-13 online .NCSL has compiled these and other ACA topic measures into an online database; visit this database web page. Select the keyword “Challenges, Opt-outs and Alternatives.” 

For more complete Exchange and Medicaid legislation, select those keywords in the database. These measures may include formal rejections of Medicaid expansion and prohibitions on running a state-based exchange. This number does not include all measures that may oppose HHS regulations or interpretations of implementation of the PPACA, such as mandated coverage of contraception, or optional steps such as administration and enforcement of insurance regulations.

Summary of Enacted Provisions: The 22 state laws and measures related to challenging or opting out of broad health reform including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) vary, using at least three general approaches.  Additional states have enacted measures considered non-conforming with the stated goals of the ACA, such as non-expansion of Medicaid, non-participation in the operation of the health exchange or marketplace, blocking individual health benefits such as contraception, or restrictions on navigators. These are detailed and tallied in other reports:

So not only is Obamacare imploding on a National scale, it is going to continue to have major issues in the states. The long and short – it aint gonna work. It’s time to rip it out by it’s roots. It’s time to kill it and burn the paper it was written on.

The Solution. Send it back to the SCOTUS. Go back to court armed to the teeth with facts. 


A few points to remember about the way the bill was passed in the first place. This bill is illegal & UN-Constitutional on so many levels that it is ridiculous.

1. ILLEGAL PROCEDURES: Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats could not get their original Healthcare bill passed in the House of Representatives. Since all revenue bills have to originate in the House, she turned to “Dirty Harry” Reid to take an unrelated House Bill – HR3590, a military housing bill – that had already passed the House and gutted it. They stripped the language out regarding military housing, replaced it with the PPACA language, sent it back over to Nancy & her Democrat Majority that passed it in the middle of the night strictly along party lines. Not one Republican voted for it. That process was illegal & just plain nasty.

2. SIGNED INTO LAW BY A FRAUD: As if the illegal procedures weren’t bad enough. It was signed into law by a guy that has placed what we now know are FORGED identification documents on the White House website. How does a guy with a fabricated past & forged documents sign ANYTHING into law? 

3. ILLEGALLY UPHELD AS A TAX: As if the illegal procedures & fake pResident issues weren’t bad enough, the Supreme Court essentially re-wrote the bill from the bench and upheld the law as Constitutional by declaring that the individual mandate was a Tax. The problem here again is that the law that originated in the House was gutted. So this bill originated in the Senate and could NOT be upheld as a tax. But they did it anyway. Why not? They’ve broken every other law along the way right?

4. CHIEF JUSTICE MAY HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED: People have long speculated that the Obama Administration may have intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts because he completely reversed his position on the law. There was another court case going on regarding illegal immigration issues involving Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, AZ. This investigation ended up bringing forward a whistle blower named Dennis Montgomery who exposed to the Sheriff that over 150 thousand residents in his district had their personal information hacked.. He has dozens of hard drives filled with over 600 million pages of information. Among the people under surveillance were Chief Justice Roberts, over 100 other Federal Judges, and you guessed it, Donald Trump & his family. That is very suspicious and obviously may be the smoking gun evidence that the ‘fix was in’ on Obamacare. They may have dug up the dirt on Roberts & forced him to uphold the law by any means necessary. Clearly he did an about face for some reason. 

5. OBAMA ADMINISTRATION STOLE FROM FANNIE & FREDDIE INVESTORS TO FUND OBAMACARE:  Finally as if the illegal procedures, fake pResident, and potentially compromised judge weren’t bad enough, we also now know that they illegally raided billions of dollars from mortgage giants Fannie Mae & Freddie MAC to fund Obamacare.The Treasury Department’s 2013 financial reports how the Obama administration diverted into Obamacare billions of dollars that Treasury confiscated from Freddie and Fannie earnings. On Aug. 17, 2012, the Obama administration finalized the amendment of the Treasury Department’s Senior Preferred Stock Agreements with Fannie and Freddie that deprived private and institutional investors of their legally due dividend payments.
President Trump needs to gather a team of seriously bad ass Attorney’s and fast track this law back in front of SCOTUS to have it out once and for all. The addition of his Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately, it  will only serve to replace the vote of former Judge Antonin Scalia. The two Judges appointed by Obama should have to recuse themselves from this case until such time that we can determine if the guy with the forged Birth Certificate & Selective Service card, as well as a stolen Connecticut Social Security number had any right to appoint Judges in the first place. Honestly, Justices’ Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and John Roberts should just step down now. 
Even if we have to continue to deal with 8 of the same judges + Gorsuch, the case needs to be argued from a different standpoint that brings the facts in this article into the mix. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get a law that was passed with illegal procedures, signed into law by a fraud, rewritten by a compromised judge, illegally upheld as a tax, and then funded with stolen money – overturned.  It’s going to implode anyway. It’s time for Trump to play “Big League” hardball in court to get rid of Obamacare. The squishy Republichickens in Congress are NOT going to help him. While this plays out in court, work on tax reform, the wall, and infrastructure.

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