Mob of Deranged Perverts Attacks Ivanka’s House

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In the most bizarre event since E.T. rode on a bicycle in front of the moon, a flock of  freakin’ fools descended upon Ivanka’s new home in Washington D.C. last night. 

Apparently the event was called “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice”. WTF??? The group WERK for Peace claim to be protesting such issues as immigration & transgender rights, while this event was supposed to be protesting Trump’s reversal of Obama era policies on carbon emissions and clean power production.
A group of what looks like a couple hundred Village People pranced, skipped, twerked, and bounced their way down DC’s Embassy Row on their way to Ivanka’s house in the District’s Kalorama neighborhood & Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s home near Embassy Row. 
They waved flags and chanted “Ivanka Come Dance” while blasting pop music & singing. The event’s organizer proclaimed by megaphone into the night: “It looks like Ivanka doesn’t really care about the queer or trans community, does she? What about climate justice?”

The mob of mental cases then chanted “Complicit!”. 

Again… WTF???
*** Warning – Have barf bag nearby ***

The funniest part… The joke was on them. Ivanka wasn’t even there. She was in NY celebrating her youngest kid’s birthday. Some of the neighbors came out to watch with wine glasses in hand, but others were not one bit amused by this nonsense. An 82 year old man came out and confronted some of them allegedly shouting  ‘Get out of here! I live here… Do you want to get your f**king face hit?’.
This entire parade of pansies is just a group of obnoxious jerks harassing Ivanka & her neighbors. Nothing more. They apparently think that pissing off all of her neighbors will get her forced out of the neighborhood or something. This is not only pointless – but obnoxious leftist lunacy. This group is so far ‘gone’ in the head that they have managed to conflate gay & transgender nonsense with made up global warming conspiracies and then juxtaposed it onto emission & clean power regulations – and somehow in their minds it all makes so much sense that they are dancing in the streets about it. Uhhhhg!! Where are the guys with the butterfly nets when you need them?
How does  some clown in jean shorts trying to dance like a female stripper in the streets have anything to do with regulation & policy disagreements? Is the climate now cooler because some twinklenuts shook his goofy ass around on Embassy Row? 
What does some fat, bald, guy porkin’ the roof of a car have to do with climate change? Do they know climate change is a giant hoax to line the pockets of low life’s like Al Gore? 
How does getting gay with your friends reduce carbon emissions? And how does engaging in this activity somehow give people a license to blast music, scream through a megaphone, and jump on peoples cars in the middle of the night? What if Ivanka was there with her 1 year old & young kid’s? Because they participate in a certain sexual behavior they’re allowed to terrorize little children? 
What are “transgender rights”? Don’t all American’s have the same rights?
Has anyone told these folks how ridiculous they look? This is actually embarrassing to watch. 
This country needs to have serious discussion about mental illness & if we should be allowing the deranged to roam the streets in mobs behaving like this. They were lewd and completely uncivilized. This so called “dancing” was as disgusting as their intent to harass Ivanka & her children for no reason.
Tell us what you think in the comments section below. May God Help Us. 
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  • David James 🌴

    Morons, paid morons….all of them

  • om·i·nous/deplorable

    To think these lawless freaks were hanging around the White House for the last eight years.

  • poorrichard

    I guess the Muslims should take over, and after the freaks and libs. are thrown off roofs, we Americans can go fight back for our country.

    • Ann Arkey

      If they use them for human shields… oh well.

  • William Wallace

    No police for breach if peace? How many college parties get broken up for less disruption than this? WTF. We better get control of the police.

    • Ann Arkey

      Those college parties are full of heterosexual behavior. We can’t have that. It implies the man might be on top.

  • Jocko Petunie

    Hint for next time: garden hoses. Full spray. Clean the street.

    • Rooskie Hacker-Tracker

      Hooked to a 5,000psi compressor.

  • Rooskie Hacker-Tracker

    The US should declare pigs sacred animals….hell, feral hogs are taking over the southern states anyways, and Hollywood and NYC lets Rosie O’Donnell roam free.

  • Rick Tocchet

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • KORGG

      Caused by a genetic defect.

  • Jocko Petunie

    That same faggety guy dressed in the shorts appears at all these events. He must be paid to go. Just another indication that these things are not “spontaneous.”

  • Jus Wundrin

    You would never see these marxists in front of a mosk protesting the deaths of gays at the hands of jihadis.

  • TheEndGameIsNear

    LOL them roam the streets wild.. This is hilarious.