McDonald’s attacks Trump with Nasty Tweet

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McDonald’s claimed on Thursday that their corporate Twitter account had been hacked. They said they received notification from Twitter that their account had been “compromised” and that they were “investigating” the hack on McDonald’s account. McDonald’s says Twitter has since secured the account.

The incident started at 9:16 a.m. Thursday morning when the tweet below was sent out from the McDonald’s account.
The tweet was immediately deleted with McDonald’s issuing the following twitter response:

Does that sound like much of an apology to you? Keep in mind that Obama’s former press secretary Robert Gibbs now works for McDonald’s. He is the fast food chain’s PR chief.with the official title of Executive VP and Global Chief of Communications. Gibbs is a known liar & an Obama sycophant. He’s also the guy that [presumably] as the PR Chief would be in charge of the McDonald’s corporate Twitter account.
Are we to believe this was just some random hack and McDonald’s is the victim of some cyber malfeasance? Or does this have Robert Gibbs name all over it as an obvious attack on Trump with the excuse “we got hacked”. Let us know in the comments section below.
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