Kathy Griffin Tries To Fix It… Fails. Says She’s Going “Direct For Baron”

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She Thinks It’s O.K. To Attack 11 Year Old Baron Trump

Kathy Griffin delivers the goofiest, most insincere, fake press conference in history. It was the worst acting anyone has ever seen since the last George Clooney movie. It was a very transparent and poorly scripted PR stunt.

Griffin hired feminist nincompoop Lisa Bloom, a civil rights attorney, to help her roll out this ridiculous fake news narrative. Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred. Another liberal attorney & dishonest feminist hoaxter that, during the campaign, rolled out the fake victims that claimed Donald Trump assaulted them. As soon as he threatened to sue them, they all vanished.

“I made a horrible, horrible call,” Griffin said. “Trust me, if I could redo the whole thing I’d have a blow up doll and no ketchup.”

Not funny. And nice try.

Of course Lisa Bloom tried to spin it as a “parody of Trump’s own sexists remarks” talking about comments that Trump made during his feud with Megyn Kelly during the campaign. Bloom claimed Kathy “did not forget that disgusting remark”. Of course Trump was talking about how viciously Megyn went after him at the first debate – not about anything that had to do with gender or sex. His comments were pointing out the venom coming from Megyn as she tried to smear Trump as “anti-woman” to manipulate women voters. But hey, facts don’t matter to idiot feminists. These two clowns are twisting it to mean something else just like feminist knucklehead Megyn Kelly did. How’d that work out?

Nobody bought it then… nobody buys it now

Then Bloom tried to twist things around by saying “Kathy teamed up recently with a photographer to mock Trump, our mocker  in chief”. What would it look like if his own insults were turned on him”? “Wearing a pussy bow blouse, in  a nod to his ‘caught on tape’ bragging about grabbing women’s genitals, she held up a Trump mask with fake blood coming out of the eyes and  coming out of the wherever in full hyperbole with a stern look on her face”.

First of all, Trump never grabbed anyone. Blooms’ idiot mother had to drop all the false claims because they were all made up fake news.

Second of all, how come when Trump is joking around with a reporter on a bus 11 years ago it’s real? But when Kathy Griffin holds up a severed head with blood dripping off of it – it’s just “mockery & hyperbole”?

Typical left wing hypocrisy.

Bloom then cascaded into a bizarre political rant about funding for the arts & the Russian band Pussy Riot. Bloom couldn’t work the “P'” word in enough today. She loves to say it out loud in public. But you white guys better not say it on an empty bus [with no women around] or they’ll call for you to be fired, run out of town, and have your head chopped off

Then they tried to blame white men for Kathy’s dumb skit joking about beheading a sitting President.

“It’s hurtful to me,” Griffin said. “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and I’m just here to say that it’s wrong.”

Typical liberal feminist victimology crap, What could silence people faster than choppin’ folks heads off?

At least four venues have cancelled Kathy Griffin since she started this ruckus. People aren’t buying their BS anymore. 

A reporter asked Bloom “A reporter quoted you as saying that you were happy to deliver a beat down to Donald Trump, and also to Baron (Griffin snort chuckles). and that you quote wanted to go down hard on Donald and go direct for Baron Trump”. Both Bloom & Griffin were smiling as the reporter quoted Griffin, as if it was funny.

Bloom asks “what is this quote from”?

Griffin almost simultaneously says “Yeah, I’ve said that in my act, yeah” as she nods with a silly smirk. 

Bloom jumps in with “years ago”

The reporter says the question was for Lisa Bloom not Griffin. He says “are you aware that your client is trying to go after Baron Trump”? Bloom ducks & dodges claiming it was “a ridiculous & misleading question from years ago… I think”. It wasn’t. It was 6 months ago in a December 9th 2016 interview with Vulture just before Trump took office. Griffin also called Trump “President piece of sh!t” in that interview. Nice try Bloom. Liar.

Then Bloom launches a defensive rant about how comics can say whatever they want. Of course liberals can scream 1st Amendment to protect their angry vitriol. But nobody else is allowed freedom of speech because everything offends sniveling snowflakes.

If anyone made fun of Obama or even questioned him they were immediately smeared as “racists”. If anyone had pulled a stunt like this on their fraudulent document having messiah – Obama would have ordered the IRS to audit them, had the NSA put them under surveillance, and ‘Predator Droned’ them at a BBQ – and filthy liberals would have cheered.  (FYI – Obozo really did all of those things to American Citizens).

These people are deranged losers. Liberalism really is a mental disorder. 

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