Kathy Griffin Commits Complete & Utter Douchebaggery

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Katthy Griffin thought it would be funny to make a stupid picture of her holding up a fake head that looks like President Trump covered in blood. Apparently she likes what ISIS & other islamic terrorists are doing to Christians throughout the middle east and elsewhere. Perhaps she should be given a one way ticket to Syria to see how funny it is in real life. As President Trump said in Saudi Arabia – radical islamic terrorists are “losers” – and so is Kathy Griffin. The liberal Democrats are aligning themselves with radical islamic terrorists more & more by the day. This was just another example of their lunacy. 


First Kathy says that she knows she is going to have to apologize for her stupid nonsense, then she does it anyway. 


Then she comes out with this ridiculous apology that nobody is dumb enough to believe. She thought her stupid liberal friends would laugh along with her. But they didn’t – at least not publicly. So she released this lame apology video.


Needless to say the whole incident didn’t go over too well. People are pissed off, and she is going to get a visit from the Secret Service for mean spirited, childish, douchebaggery. Hopefully they’ll charge her with threatening the President. That should be good for a year in jail. 




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