Hannity Finally Covers Dennis Montgomery – Leaves Out 1/2 Of The Story

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Last night Sean Hannity had guests from Circa News on his show to talk about the case of Dennis Montgomery. The story is old news to many informed Americans that have been following it for the last few years. Freedom Frontier News has only been around for a few months but we have been reporting it since we started. We discussed it, mentioned it, or linked to the story several times already in articles such as Massive Investigations; Media Cover Up on March 28th, What Really Got O’Reilly Ousted? April 26th, Jesse Watters Chows Down On Roasted Quack May 7th, and Top 5 Reasons Why Comey Deserved It  May 10th to name a few. 


Here’s what Hannity had to say about the story last night with the folks from Circa News


This story has been covered by Wnd.com, Infowars, Carl Gallups Freedom Friday, and others for the last few years. 

Here’s the full story you will not hear from the media. 

The Back Story

Back in the fall of 2011 citizens of Maricopa County Arizona approached Sheriff Joe Arpaio requesting that he investigate what looked like a fake Birth Certificate representing Barack Obama that was placed on the White House website. You may remember that Donald Trump had been considering running for President in 2012. He had started to semi-campaign back in early 2011 or thereabouts. Trump was making some serious noise about Barack Obama’s birth certificate for a long time. He allegedly even sent some investigators to Hawaii to look into it. We havent confirmed that. 

This was causing some serious issues for Obama. Trump isn’t some schlep from around the way. He’s a world famous billionaire and a major TV star with a real possibility of running for POTUS. The story wouldn’t go away. Everyone with an I.Q. above 12 knew that there were some serious issues with Obvama’s fabricated history. The Obama administration panicked.

So what did they do? They did what they always do. The Obama administration colluded with the media to orchestrate a staged event revealing Obama’s birth certificate. On Wednesday April 27th 2011 they put on an entire skit claiming the real birth certificate was finally being revealed. It wasn’t. It was all fraud.

It really was ridiculous. They claimed that Obama’s personal attorney, Judith Corley, picked up certified copies of the long-form document in Hawaii and brought them back to the White House Tuesday evening April 26th. Yes they actually claim she flew all the way to Hawaii & back with Obama’s birth certificate. Then they held a press conference claiming the birth certificate issue was settled. For whatever reason MSNBC’s Savannah Guthroe was chosen as the only person who could see, touch, and photograph the actual birth certificate. As usual the staged fake news screwed it up. She released two photographs of the birth certificate & they were both different. She could be seen running around on TV claiming she “felt the raised seal” on the birth certificate. We now know that was a blatant lie because the birth certificate Obama released did NOT originate in paper form. It was a digitally created forgery. The video of Savannah Guthrie holding the birth certificate and claiming she could “feel the raised seal” is very hard to find. It seems they have scrubbed it from the internet. Possibly because it will be used at some point to charge her & others with Treason. As it should be. You can hear the audio of her making the “raised seal” claims in the video below. You also see the two different birth certificates she took pictures of.

Here you can see George Stephanopoulos & Jake Tapper carrying on and lying through their teeth about the birth certificate situation. The footage of Trump’s remarks that day are also in the video.

Within hours of this staged fake news event the internet was abuzz with  reports that the birth certificate was fake. Later in the fall of 2011 when people were sufficiently convinced it was a forgery,  Surprise Arizona Tea Party members approached Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate. He knew it would be a political circus if he used Sheriff’s Department resources to do the investigation, so he assigned it to his volunteer Cold Case Posse Investigators. The investigation was lead by Detective Mike Zullo.

Months later on March 1st, 2012 Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo held a press conference where they informed the world that they had found probable cause that the birth certificate, as well as Obama’s Selective Service registration card, were in fact low grade forgeries. They held another press conference July 17th 2012 with even more detailed evidence. Both press conferences were completely ignored by FOX News with the exception of a local FOX affiliate in Arizona that briefly covered it on March 1st. The young lady that did the report covered it by ignoring the evidence & lying through her teeth. The video below is an interview with Mike Zullo on Infowars in 2013. The links to the press conference video’s are below the video.

Press Conference held March 1st, 2012

Press Conference held July 17th, 2012

More recently on December 15th 2016 Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo held another press conference with the results from two different forensic firms examinations of Obama’s birth certificate. As usual, FOX News completely ignored it.

The Rest of the Story

Obviously the Obama administration was none too pleased with Sheriff Joe for doing this investigation. So they sicced the ACLU on Sheriff Joe with trumped up charges of racially profiling illegal aliens. That case can only be described as a travesty of justice. The Judge hates Sheriff Joe. Procedures were ignored. There was egregious misconduct . It was and still is a giant mess. It was retaliation for the birth certificate investigation and it’s obvious. In the video below Attorney Larry Klayman explains what was going on with the case & the crooked judge.

Sometime during this entire fiasco an ex intelligence contractor named Dennis Montgomery contacted Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo to inform them that they were under surveillance by “Opperation Dragnet”. The reason he contacted Sheriff Joe is because he was the only law enforcement officer in the country with any integrity. He was the only one willing to look into Obama and stand up for the law. He couldn’t go the Fed’s because they are all in on this illegal spying. Montgomery told Sheriff Joe that it wasn’t just them that were under surveillance. It was thousands of citizens in Maricopa County, up to half a million Arizon citizens, judges, supreme court judges, and many others. It turns out Donald Trump, his family & Infowars Alex Jones were also among those that were spied on.

Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo were extremely skeptical as to whether any of this was true. It turns out it was ALL true. They had put him and many other Patriot’s under surveillance since as early as 2007. Here’s an early interview with Mike Zullo asking Dennis Montgomery about what we now know was “Operation Dragnet”

Here’s a recorded conversation with Mike Zullo & Dennis Montgomery discussing the secret database after it became clear that his information was real & credible. These conversations weren’t hacked. They were deliberately leaked as far as we know.

They had started the racial profiling lawsuit against Sheriff Joe as an intimidation tactic. The entire lawsuit ruckus was started with Sheriff Joe because he investigated Obama’s forged birth certificate. They used “Operation Dragnet” to interfere in the Cold Case Posse Investigation. That’s the part Hannity can’t cover & FOX News won’t cover.

FOX News has been lying about this for over 5 years. They’ve also been completely silent about the case against Sheriff Joe and the absolute shenanigans with Judge Snow and the ACLU attorneys. If they cover that, it would lead to them having to cover the Cold Case Posse Investigation. We suspect the Dennis Montgomery story will meet the same fate as the Seth Rich story did when Hannity recently tried to cover that investigation. That fate will be “shut up Hannity or you’re fired”. We can all but guarantee it.

Freedom Watch’ Larry Klayman was helping to defend Sheriff Joe and was later hired by Dennis Montgomery to defend him as a whistleblower. In the videos below Klayman explains what is going on with the Dennis Montgomery case. He turned 47 hard drives with over 600 million pages of information to the FBI about two years ago. Did Director Comey do anything about this? NO! He will most likely ignore it, lie about it, or dodge the questions about it in tomorrows hearing.

 March 22 2017


March 23 2017


March 24 2017


In the video below Mike Zullo & Jerome Corsi discuss Dennis Montgomery revelations with Infowars Alex Jones on march 21st 2017.

In the Videos below Alex Jones & Jerome Corsi discuss “Operation Dragnet”.

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