Georgia’s 6th – Don’t Send This Clown to D.C.

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Jon Ossoff has spent his college years & most of his adult life palling around with liberal vermin in Washington D.C. He is sponsored by Nancy Pelosi, Hollywood low life’s, and her Democratic machine, including their sleazy Super PAC’s.

Jon Ossoff’s political mentor was uber-liberal nutcase Congressman Hank Johnson, who is on record calling Jewish Israeli’s “termites”. The vast majority of Ossoff’s campaign money comes from California, New York, Massachusetts – only 6% of his donations came from Georgia.

 This kid totally fluffed up his resume claiming he was a Senior National Security staffer with top secret clearance for  5 years. HA!! Try college kid that worked in a Congressman’s office. He had some minimum level of  security clearance for about 5 months.The only business experience this kid has other than that, was working for a foreign company that did extensive business with Al Jazeera. Yes, the terrorist supporting mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden. Al Jazeera has a long history of inciting anti American violence throughout the Middle East and it’s backers have been accused of bankrolling terrorists. So he’s a 30 year old film maker with zero experience doing anything – and he want’s to be a rubber  stamp for Nancy Pelosi in D.C.  He had over $8 million dollars handed to his campaign – which was literally more than 10 times what any of the 11 Republican’s had for their campaigns. He still failed to win 50%. What a joke.
If that isn’t enough – to top it off he doesn’t even live in Georgia’s 6th district.
We set this clown to music in the video below. Enjoy!

So what do you think of this kid? Is he even qualified to hold an office in Congress? Should Georgia’s 6th district send an adult with experience to represent them? Or is this 30 year old carpetbagger just what America needs right now? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.



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  • Snellville Bob

    He cannot even vote for himself. I hope he loses by one vote.