GA’s 6th Extends Giant Middle Finger To Hollywood, ANTIFA, Socialist Dem’s

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Karen Handel Wins Georgia’s 6th District Special Election


Democrat’s and Hollywood spent millions in an effort to tell Georgian’s what’s best for them. Georgia’s 6th District saw right through it.  Republican’s showed up to the polls yesterday to hand Democrat’s their 5th consecutive loss in special elections since Trump has been in office. It’s clear that the Democrat’s and their ANTIFA punks are not resonating with the American people. The anti-American Hollywood message smearing half the country as “racists”, “Nazi’s”, and “phobic’s” – is old, tired, and out of favor with the public. People are sick and tired of failed socialist policies and they are not going to let the left buy the election in their districts. Although, the race was far closer than it should have been because of the money, and Ossoff’s scripted lies. He hardly mentioned Trump & tried to run on creating jobs & fiscal issues. HA! The Democrat’s have morphed into filthy socialists & everyone now knows it. Still, entirely too many people fell for this Pelosi clone’s spiel. Sad really.

According to the  Federal Election Commission records Ossoff’s campaign raised $23 million as of May 31st. The Handel campaign raised only $4.5 million over the same period according to the records. National Democrats stuffed more than $30 million into Ossoff’s coffers through direct funding of his campaign, party expenditures, or independent organization expenditures. 

An analysis by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that more than $50 million dollars was spent on the Georgia 6th Congressional district race. The report shows that $42 million has been spent or reserved for TV and radio ads in the race – $27 million of which was spent since the April election that placed Ossoff & Handel in the June 20th runoff. That does not include money spent by outside groups, Super Pac’s on mail & internet ads. 

The AJC analysis shows Ossoff shelled out $14.2 million on ad time and spent at least another $8 million on other costs. Handel spent $2.5 million on TV, radio and cable spots and had at least $1 million in other expenses. 

From The AJC

“[T]he Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent nearly $5 million on TV ads boosting his campaign or slamming Handel, while other left-leaning groups chipped in about $1 million more,” the Atlanta Journal -Constitution added:

“In all, left-leaning groups and Ossoff combined for about $2 million more in ad spending than Handel and conservative allies during the runoff phase.

On the GOP side, two groups accounted for the lion’s share of spending.

The National Republican Congressional Committee shelled out more than $6.7 million on ads in the race. And the Congressional Leadership Fund – a super PAC with ties to Speaker Paul Ryan – spent about $5 million on airtime. The group said it spent another $2 million on other costs, including a field operation aiming to target 300,000 voters by Tuesday.

Two other conservative groups – America First Policies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – each chipped in at least $1 million more.

The tally is still emerging – and one estimate by a nonpartisan advocacy group Issue One has the total cost at roughly $60 million

Here’s the breakdown of the final vote tally from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The 6th district is made up of parts of three counties: Cobb, Fulton, and Dekalb

Handel Wins Cobb County by 22% – 15,047 votes

Handel Wins Fulton County by 6% – 7,809 votes


Ossoff Wins Dekalb County by 16% – 9,777 votes 

*** Interesting Side Note ***

According to new analysis from the Center For Immigration Studies, a conservative nonprofit that advocates against high levels of immigration, Dekalb County has seen a 153% increase in immigrants between 1990 & 2014. DeKalb’s population of immigrants increased from 7.7 percent in 1990 to 19.5 percent in 2014, to a total population of 707,185.

Even more interesting is that DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was recently called out by White House spokesman Sean Spicer for not cooperating with ICE. Spicer said during a news conference on March 27th of this year, that local governments were not turning over illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes to federal authorities for deportation. 

According to Freedom Frontier sources with first hand knowledge of the 6th district including the entire Atlanta area, there is a serious illegal immigration issue in Dekalb. They aren’t just from South America in that area though, many are coming from Asian countries as well. However, the entire city & surrounding areas have been overrun with illegals from South America in recent years.

If you drive up Roswell Rd. (coming out of Buckhead) once you get to what was once called “Unincorporated Sandy Springs” you will start to  see illegals everywhere. The roughly 20 mile stretch up Roswell Rd. from Sandy Springs to Alpharetta has been invaded – you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an illegal alien. The population of illegals has exploded since a couple of years ago when Obama opened the floodgates at the border. It’s completely out of control. Trucks filled with illegals stealing good paying construction jobs [and all sorts of other working class jobs] can be seen by the thousands. That work & those jobs belong to Georgian’s – not Mexicans. Trump needs to send ICE with their own trucks to clean this up. It’s our understanding that  Gwinnett County is even worse – that’s where the gangs & drug dealers have set up camp. 

What does this have to do with the election last night? Everything. Look at the vote tally. The greater 6th district went overwhelmingly for Karen Handle. She won Cobb & Fulton by nearly 23,000 votes combined. Ossofff only came as close as he did because he picked up an extra 9,777 votes in Dekalb County. It’s just a coincidence that Dekalb has seen 153% increase in so called “immigrants” in recent years though right? Not quite.

Couple that “coincidence” with this recent report from Stamford University that shows serious discrepancies skewed toward Hillary on electronic voting machines. The same electronic voting machines used in GA. Someone needs to investigate both aspects of the shenanigans going on with the voting in GA & across the country. Let’s not forget that there is evidence that someone at DHS tried very hard to hack the electronic voting machines in GA on the night of the Presidential election in November of 2016. Then there is the bombshell report that came out yesterday that over 5.7 million illegal aliens voted in our Presidential election. Keep in mind that Obama didn’t win a single state that has voter I.D. laws. Not one. 

Republicans still won

Jon Ossoff outspent Karen Handle by over $10 million. Ossoff outspent Handel on n television and radio ads by a 6.4 to 1 margin, $22.5 million to $3.5 million. Jon Ossoff received the vast majority of his money from contributions that came from other states, primarily the liberal wastelands of California, New York, and Massachusetts. The Democrat’s blew $30 million dollars on this kid and managed to win one section of the 6th district (that’s overrun with illegal aliens) by a whopping 9.7 thousand votes. The Democrat’s used every trick in the book… and they still LOST!!

Watch Karen Handel’s victory speech below. She thanks President Trump and the crowd goes nuts – they broke out into a thunderous chant TRUMP!! TRUMP!! TRUMP!!! amidst wild cheers!! 

The Propaganda Ministry said that this election was a referendum on President Trump’s policies. For once they were right. That’s why Karen Handel Won!!

Anybody tired of WINNING yet???



Kellyanne Conway even borrowed a joke cracked by The Five’s Greg Gutfeld last night


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