FOX News’ Bad Karma Starting To Haunt Them; Ratings Plummet

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(SHTFplan) The mainstream media has been fighting a losing battle against independent news outlets (AKA fake news) ever since the internet took hold in our society. Countless newspapers have filed for bankruptcy, and news channels have faced dwindling ratings.

The only news channel, at least in the US, that still commands solid ratings is Fox News. Unfortunately for Fox, the average age of their viewers is 68, which isn’t exactly a profitable age group for advertisers. And more importantly, that statistic suggests that the company’s viewership is literally dying out.

Still, Fox has been wiping the floor with every other news channel for years. Just a few months ago their ratings were better than CNN and MSNBC combined. Fox is without a doubt, the last bastion of successful mainstream news.

That’s not the case anymore. For the first time in 17 years, Fox’s ratings among a key demographic, fell behind both CNN and MSNBC.

For the week of May 15-19, Fox News averaged just 497,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted key demo of adults 25-54 during primetime hours, compared to CNN’s 589,00 and MSNBC’s 611,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which cited data from ratings tracker Nielsen…

…Flagship shows such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show performed particularly well, while Fox has seemingly struggled with the loss of Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor, which had consistently led all cable news programs in the ratings for the better part of two decades. O’Reilly departed the network last month following a report that he had allegedly settled multiple claims of sexual harassment with high-dollar payouts.


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For the first time in 17 years FOX News slipped to 3rd place in prime time news. That’s a significant slide. FOX News had to know that lying to the American People about Obama & his forged documents for over 5 years (since Police investigators proved they were fraudulent) would eventually come back to haunt them. Their ratings are dropping faster than DNC staffers because Karma is coming back around. Lying about the fake pResident for several years isn’t why their ratings suddenly dropped… it’s why Karma is coming to get them. 

KARMA  noun
  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    • informal
      destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

This ratings drop is because liberals are all tuning in to lying media outlets like CNN & MSNBC because they are telling them what they want to hear. They want to hear about the fake Russia story. They want to hear about Trump being impeached. Typical deranged liberal’s that live in Liberal Fantasy Land. They only want to listen to what they want to hear. They could care less about the facts. They want to turn on a news show that will tell them that Trump isn’t going to be the President anymore. When it sinks in that Trump leaving office or being impeached is NOT going to happen, the recent ratings bump for the dopes on CNN & MSNBC will fall down like Hillary trying get in a van. 

O’Reilly is gone, Kelly is gone (who cares), and they are about to take down Hannity. FOX will capitulate to the left and go in the wrong direction. When Hannity goes down FOX News is over. That’s exactly what the left wants. FOX News is so crippled by PC nonsense that they will almost certainly turn left and implode.

Perhaps FOX News should start reporting the Truth about things like Obama & his forged documents. Maybe they can save themselves. Don’t get your hopes up though. Most likely they will turn into another CNN. They’ve already buried the Seth Rich murder story that they were finally starting to report accurately. Expect more of the same until they finally turn off the lights.


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