Baseball Shooter Was A Socialist Idiot; Worked For Bernie Campaign

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James T. Hodgkinson; Illinois Man Identified as Gunman in Republican Baseball Practice Attack

News is breaking that James T. Hodgkinson was in fact a left wing lunatic that worked as a volunteer on Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign. He allegedly asked  Rep Jeff Duncan if the team on the field was Republican’s or Democrat’s. Duncan told the man that they were Republicans, then left to go to a meeting. Shortly thereafter the gunman opened fire on the Congressman & their aides. 

It’s now clear this was a politically motivated attack on Republican’s from a Bernie Sanders supporter. It just goes to show that liberalism really is a mental disorder. Not only did the guy believe in socialism – a political ideology that has failed miserably every single time it has ever been tried in the history of the world – but he was so deranged that he was literally willing to shoot innocent people playing baseball for the cause. 

Hodgkinson had made numerous left wing posts on social media and supported rabid socialist moron Bernie Sanders. Sanders toured the country selling leftist victimology nonsense & identity politics throughout his campaign. Hillary sold feminist victimology, racism, classism, and tired leftist rhetoric as her pitch for the highest office. Hillary also cheated in the primary denying Sanders delegates, thereby effectively stoling the nomination from Sanders. You may remember the epic meltdowns Hillary supporters had after the election. Her fans literally screamed and cried like 4 year old’s. It was pathetic. 

You may remember one common theme coming from both Bernie & Hillary being heavily parroted by the media that “Donald Trump’s rhetoric was dangerous”. Well, it turns out that it was left wing Bernie, Hillary, and Obama’s rhetoric that is dangerous and leads to violence. Not President Trump’s Pro America common sense campaign speeches. The left has Kathy Griffin doing photo shoots holding up Trump’s severed head, ANTIFA punks attacking folks with no condemnation from Democrat’s, famous actors threatening to punch Trump, plays in Central Park depicting Trump being killed and on and on. They are the ones advocating for violence. Not Republicans. 

We had an active shooter scenario today with a deranged Bernie campaign member attacking Republican members of Congress with a high powered rifle. Over the weekend there were Soros sponsored ANTIFA losers running around all over the country attacking people with ax handles and poles. One loser actually attacked a police horse with a flag pole spiked with nails . This same group has been terrorizing the country since the presidential campaigns started. If all this weren’t bad enough, now Democrat’s & their minions are aligning themselves with radical islam & ISIS. 

No Democrat’s have denounced the behavior of ANTIFA and their violent punks, including Bernie & Hillary. In fact one of Hillary’s top people, Bob Creamer, was the one caught on video deliberately stirring up the violence during the election.

It only took about 2 hours for the Democrat’s & their spokespersons known as the mainstream media to blame guns & start screaming gun control. We suspect that by the time primetime news starts tonight the Propaganda Ministry will have spun this around to somehow blame this lefty wing violence on Trump. You can guarantee FAUX News won’t want to miss out on the fun. We’ll bet good money that there will be some hysterical liberal on the screen on every single show tonight screaming “it’s Trump’s fault”. 

Idiot Democrat’s like Bernie Sanders have stood idly by while his (and Hillary’s) supporters have been violently terrorizing the country for over a year. You can hear what Bernie has to say about this below. Do you believe him?


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